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The Athena Network / The Workshop Mentor

Rachel Maunder is an experienced speaker, mentor and change maker. She claims to be on a faster steeper personal journey in the last 6 years than she has been on for the whole of the rest of her life.
That said, she’s the first to acknowledge that all roads lead to where we stand and that it’s everything she’s done and learnt before bring her to where she is today.

A prolific networker, both for business and socially, Rachel currently runs two businesses. She is a Regional Director with The Athena Network, the UK’s premier business network for women. Through her other business, Rachel Maunder The Workshop Mentor she has become the leading voice on how to make workshops a profitable part of business for heart-centred entrepreneurs.

Rachel is acclaimed for her naturally engaging speaking style. She aims to inspire her listeners to find clarity around the difference they make in the world and to get out there to make that difference.
She’s been described as inspirational with an infectious energy and a gift for throwing a pebble in just the right place in the pond…