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Choose your own combination of speakers in the main auditorium and workshops in our two breakout salons. You can find a little more information about our speakers by clicking on their names or on our Speakers page here. Just don’t forget to leave time to browse our exhibitors too…
Please note that all sessions are limited in numbers and entry is on a first come, first served basis.
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Main Auditorium

10.20  Nicola Weston and Tiffany Curry Directors, Hatton House Events
Introduction and Welcome
The Directors of this groundbreaking event welcome you to the day and share their passions and the inspiration behind why they came together to create Her Event

10.30  Kathleen Mitchell VP of EMEA, Stella and Dot
Having it all – success, happiness and a career you love.

11.15  Hannah Martin Talented Ladies Club
Why you can never dream too big, and how to actually reach your ambitious goals
A practical talk about why ambitious goals are so important, and how to get off the starting blocks, remove the barriers that are holding you back and work confidently towards the success you crave.

12.00  Jo Read Author and Financial Advisor
Suddenly Single
Have you or your friends found themselves Suddenly Single, either through divorce or bereavement, and don’t know what to do with your life? There are thousands of women up and down the country who find themselves in this situation every day, and although they might feel as though there’s no future, you know what? There is.
Jo will share with us the Suddenly Single process and tips from her book on how she assists women in this situation.

14.00  Sophie Walker  Leader of The Women’s Equality Party
Be the change you want to see
Sophie will take you on her journey from journalist to leader of the UK’s fastest-growing political party.

14.45  Claire Love  Network Marketing
Your Network is your Net Worth
Claire will share with you her tops tips for success in both your professional and personal life through growing an inspiring network.

15.30  Rachel Maunder  Coach and Mentor
Who do you think you are?
A look at reconnecting with the essence of your self so that you can go out and make the difference you want to make.

16.15  Bloggers Forum

Salon 1: Wellbeing

10.30  Shelley Cushway  Mindpower UK
An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation
What is mindfulness and how can we incorporate it positively into our day to day lives to benefit our wellbeing?
The session will include two opportunities to experience different styles of meditation that can be taken away. It will also focus, at a high level, on why we react and operate in the way we do, whether there is a more resourceful way and how we achieve that. Moving from “Reaction” to “Response.”

11.15  Chris Walton  Details tbc

12.00  Dawn Bailey  Dawn Bailey Yoga
Yoga Workshop
This class is for all levels, including beginners. Dawn’s intention is to help you cultivate balance and harmony in your life on and off the mat. A safe and skilful Hatha Yoga practice will be taught, including pranyama (breathing practices) and asana (postures). Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. The class is limited to 12 students; please pre-book your slot by emailing or enquiring at reception on the day.

Amanda Weller  MAR, AdvCBP, PaRamaBP, QTP
AMAZING YOU – key techniques for relieving stress and achieving your complete potential
Do you recognise how utterly amazing you are?  With over 10 years’ experience as a Holistic Therapist (Reflexologist, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and Quantum-Touch Practitioner), Amanda Weller’s observations from her practice and from her life in general have led her to the realisation that it is common for people NOT to see how amazing they themselves are and what enormous and often untapped potential they have.  Using stories from both her practice and her personal experience, she will inspire you and give you a different perspective about yourself and your potential.  In this motivational talk you will learn her 7 top strategies for living with a greater sense of wellbeing, happiness and balance in your daily life. 

14.00   Shelley Cushway   Mindpower UK
Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop
30 minute session introducing the key principles of mindfulness and how we can incorporate these into our daily lives.

14.45  Katherine Blackler  Sort My Space Ltd
Sort My Sh*t Out!
This interactive workshop will help you discover practical tips and tricks to how to organise your home, your work or your life. You can gain that freedom, extra time or peace of mind you feel is currently missing. Know that you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed with stuff, chores and diary commitments. Work out what’s weighing you down and…. Let it go! Rest assured, despite Katherine’s nickname of ‘The Personal Trainer for Your Home’; Whistles, stopwatches and painful press-ups are not on the agenda, but you may be somersaulting with joy after applying her tips.

15.30  Caroline Ferguson  Mindset Trainer and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist
How to Break Through Your Inner Resistance and Stop Feeling Stuck
Do you know the five main ways in which you create inner resistance and keep yourself stuck? Mindset Trainer Caroline Ferguson walks you through your PACES and shows you how to expand your comfort zone, break through your resistance and free yourself from the old stories that have been keeping you stuck

16.15  Julie Dennis  Menopause Guru
Practical and natural solutions to controlling your menopause symptoms

  • What is menopause including common symptoms and triggers
  • The biggest mistake menopausal women make and how it can make your symptoms worse
  • What you can do to get control of your symptoms including a ninja mindset trick that can stop a hot flush in its track

Salon 2: Life Choices

10.30  Bronwyn Nash  Magic Roundabout
Exploring New ways to Live, Love and Work
How I said “F**K It!” to a corporate career and a life that I was just about surviving, and created a free-range life and a successful heart-centred business. Practical tips on how to use your Core Values to start getting clear about what you really want from the next chapter of your life.

11.15  Alex Blaker   Author and Therapist
Accessing your Passion
LOVE IS WITHIN – return to love through acceptance, forgiveness, joining and healing. Separating out the inner critic for more self love, heal and embrace heartfelt love and your sexual energy and re embrace Aphrodite. Experience the balance of the masculine and the feminine. Be the woman you have come to be.

13.00  Kate Delmar Morgan   Registered Nutritional Therapist
Stress & Nutrition – what can you do?
It doesn’t matter where it comes from: relationships, work, family, bereavement, a situation that you feel helpless in, stress impacts your body physiologically and your mind processes and can influence your everyday functioning. You will learn how stress affects people physically and some useful nuggets on how you can help to support yourselves through food, nutrition and sleep. For those that have experienced a period of chronic stress, you will learn to help replenish depleted resources in order to help restore balance and renew your vitality.

13.45   Mette Theilman   The Parenting Coach
Mindful Parenting
It’s easy to get caught up in everyday routine, running around and old habits! This can leave us run down, stressed and sometimes feeling unhappiness and frustration, which often will have an impact on how we react to our children’s everyday behaviours and demands.
At this talk, we will talk about how, with some small changes in our parenting style, we can become a calmer, happier and more focused parent – and how this will make us a positive role model for our children to follow as example.

14.45   Lyndy Stanway Marsh  Health Coach
How to Nourish your body well as you age
Would you like to discover lifestyle tips to stay at your peak and at the same time learn more about what you can eat that is quick, nutritious and delicious?  Lyndy will be covering –

  • A focus on your integrative health…how what you eat, drink, think, do and move are all connected and impact your health
  • How to set yourself up for the day so you can start as you mean to continue
  • Tips on how to give yourself space & time to support your own wellbeing on a daily basis
  • Top tips to stay well and give you a steady release of energy

Leave with tips that you can implement immediately

15.30   Nicolette Anscombe  Founder, Ezycal
Working from Home Successfully

  • Founding a new business at home, compliance, tax implications and home office set up
  • Remote working styles, managing staff over a distance, IT solutions and adapting communication to the remote working environment
  • Getting the work, home life balance right, avoiding common pitfalls and the benefits of getting it right

16.15   Meleni Aldridge   Managing Director, Bite the Sun Ltd
Exploit the blueprint within to yield a more vital You
Using our genetic blueprint honed over millenia as a backdrop, Meleni will help you get back in the driving seat of your health and wellness – and stay there! Regardless of where you are on your journey towards a vital life, this presentation is full of take-home pearls that you can put into practice straight away. It’s all about creating a strong foundation that works with your body — and its evolutionary heritage — not against it. When we rebalance and refocus, we allow magical synchronicity to enter our lives. Health and vitality is so much more than being free from symptoms of disease, it’s about being empowered enough to live a vital life with a body that works, as well has having a clear, uncluttered, mind and the emotional balance to enjoy it. Weaving a story through our evolutionary inheritance, Meleni will show that health, vitality, longevity and happiness is most definitely within your reach.

17.00   Diane Sheppard  Personal Performance Coach, Smart Life Training
Embrace the Crazy!
At some point in life, we all hope or wish we could meet that one person that would click their fingers and start making all our wishes and hopes come true. Well the most exciting news is I believe that this person is already present in your life – it’s you!
With a passion for adventure, people and change, let’s make life exciting, fun and all you want it to be. Judgement has no home at my house. Embrace the Crazy!