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Kathleen Mitchell, Stella and DotStellaDot_Logo_2016President EMEA/ Managing Director Europe, Stella and Dot

Kathleen Mitchell, west London mother of two, is the Vice President EMEA. Stella & Dot’s mission to help give women the means to style their own lives is what drew Kathleen towards the company. What is better than empowering women all over Europe to find true happiness and success through their own flexible fashion business?

Prior to joining Stella & Dot, Kathleen led a division of the beauty giant L’Oreal. Alaskan-born Kathleen loves living in London which has been home since she graduated from Trinity College, Dublin.

Kathleen is an eternal optimist and loves that she gets to help solve the modern woman’s dilemma: achieving success and balance through a career you love.

In 2014, Kathleen was nominated for the IMAGE Business Woman Award in Ireland. She also accepted the Seldia ‘New Company of the Year Award’ for Stella & Dot in March 2014.