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jo_readI have been a Financial Advisor for many years. I get a real sense of satisfaction from helping people find more fulfilling lives, which extends far beyond the subject of money. I have a real passion for helping my clients get peace of mind, understanding and clarity around their money.  But for me, it isn’t just about the money – it is about what the money enables. My approach with clients enables empowered decision making; giving them a life without fear of the future; gaining the confidence of independence and a feeling of liberation.

Importantly my approach overall enables suddenly single women to live the life they want to live again.  How fabulous is that!!!  At last I feel I have found my purpose in life. To educate and inspire confidence in women regarding their monetary affairs, enabling them to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise


My clients are typically women who are suddenly single through divorce or bereavement. I too have found myself ’Suddenly Single’ but when I’m not advising clients I lead a very fulfilling life, travelling, playing sport, keeping fit and have a very busy social life!

As a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, female and Suddenly Single, I feel uniquely qualified to share my approach with others.

So open your minds – It’s time to Take Stock, Take Charge and Take Off.