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Diane Shepherd, Speaker at Her-Event

Personal Performance Coach, Smart Life Training

Spending the last 10 years working in over 40 countries, experiencing the challenges and joy’s women from all walks of life face…I believe that everything is achievable – if you want it!

NLP, Hypnosis and Performance Coaching Qualified, it’s my straight talking, humorous approach to coaching and life that will keep you motivated and inspired to make positive lifelong changes in all areas of your life.

After overcoming a tri life crisis, I became driven to inspire others to see they always have a choice how their life is going to develop. From self-help books, counselling, CBT, Therapy, NLP and Performance coaching, I have done it all. From these experiences I have learnt the skills required to streamline the change process to help you become who you want to be, have what you want to have and do what you want to do.

At some point in life, we all hope or wish we could meet that one person that would click their fingers and start making all our wishes and hopes come true. Well the most exciting news is I believe that this person is already present in your life…… it’s you!

With a passion for adventure, people and change, let’s make life exciting, fun and all you want it to be. Judgement has no home at my house – Embrace the Crazy.