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her-event is the brainchild of Nicola Weston and Tiffany Curry of Hatton House Events.

So where do I begin? When Nic said we would need to write our own ‘stories’ for the website, my initial thought was “Uh oh! What have I got to say about myself that would interest others?” But actually, I was missing the point. We wanted to explain to people why and how we came to this point in our lives and what made us decide to risk it all with a launch of a new show.

Firstly I do genuinely believe that this decade will be mine for the taking. Since I turned 40, life has definitely been on the up. The confidence of age coupled with edit of all things negative have combined to give me a positive attitude and sense of good feeling.

To me this show is a small way in which I can pay back my debt and gratitude to all my friends that have supported me throughout good and bad and thick and thin. Its a cliche I know to be so sentimental but then I am fairly sentimental at least about my friendships. Its fair to say that for some of us friends are our family and or family are our friends hopefully most of us have a bit of both. Women collectively are a force to be reckoned with and that’s proven itself through the money raised for charities and on a less serious level through social media such as Facebook. None of us are immune to feeling slightly pleased with a post that generates at least 10 likes!

I hope this show will at least be a celebration of womenkind and we sincerely hope you enjoy our vision.

Three questions for Tiffany:

What animal would you be and why?

A grey rabbit – my Chinese birth sign

Failsafe outfit that you fall back on?

Dark jeans, shirt and jacket

Favourite place to go on holiday?

It’s who you’re with but anywhere in the Far East always does it for me

Tiffany Curry

Director, her-event

Three questions for Rachel Aked, Press and PR


What’s Your Favourite Country and Why..?

I absolutely adore Italy, the people, the culture, the food…. I haven’t been anywhere that beats it!

Best and Worst Drink

The thought of tomato juice makes me retch, nothing is as satisfying as a good G&T, especially after a long week!

Favourite Hotel

The Pig on The Beach – the excitement of getting the chain ferry, the imaginative food for vegetarians, the stunning views and the tranquil walled garden!

Rachel Aked

Press and PR,

Someone once told me that you are only ever dealt what you are capable of dealing with – and whilst I believe this to be true I also believe that is the people in your life who help you deal with life’s journey.

The last few years have been an interesting chapter in my life – and despite some major heartbreaks and upheavals I wouldn’t change a thing. Sometimes the strongest of people break in order to find themselves and in doing so they also find out what – and more importantly who – matters.

I am so proud to be launching Her Event – this is for all my friends and family who have been by side on my journey and the new friends I have made along the way – I love you and I wouldn’t be here today and doing this without you all. But more importantly this is for all the women out there – wherever you are on your journey and whatever issues you are facing – we are all in this together. Remember – girls break each other down but real women build each other up!

Three questions for Nicola

Heels or flats?

I would love to say heels but I rush around way too much – converse or ballet pumps all the way!

Best Restaurant

Piccolinos in Ilkley – fantastic food and atmosphere – Tiffany and I had a great planning meeting here (and I had the best date ever here too!!)

Favourite City

New York! I have had some of the best trips with the bestest of friends.. I love the shopping, the cocktails… and being able to get cabs everywhere!!!

Nicola Weston

Director, her-event

Three questions for Debbie Kennedy, Website

Favourite Colour

Orange. Or maybe lime green. Do like a bit of pink, though…

Best and Worst Drink

Gin. And gin. One day I’ll learn moderation.

Coffee or tea?

Builders’ tea. In a bucket, ta.

Debbie Kennedy

Website, norobotshere

Three questions for Tara McKenzie, Social Media

Describe Food Heaven

MARMITE on toast, with cottage cheese [I know, love or hate, I LOVE it]

Did you have a childhood pet?

My mouse Snowy vastly became greyey – so then we got our cat Pepper and now she’s 18yo!!

Desert Island Essential?

My tropic travel kit – a girls gotta look after her skin right? and it’s so fresh you can eat it!

Tara McKenzie

Social Media, her-event