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Her Event – What’s in it for me?

Her is a one day event comprising talks and workshops which offer tools and solutions to help YOU deal with modern day challenges.

Career and Finance

Struggling to balance work and your personal life – come and hear Kathleen Mitchell, VP EMEA – Stella & Dot talk about how you can have it all.

Found yourself in a situation where you have to take back control of your finances – Jo Read will be launching her book “Suddenly Single” and talking about how to manage and be in control of your wealth.

Health & Wellbeing

Do you find it hard to deal positively with certain situations? Come and listen to Shelley Cushway whose workshop will introduce the concept of Mindfulness and how it can help you move from being reactionary to responsive.

Would you like to expand your comfort zone? Come and listen to Caroline Ferguson who will help you address this, break through your resistance and free yourself from the things that have been keeping you stuck.

Life & Self coaching

Looking for someone or something to change your life? Diane Sheppard will help you see that YOU are the person who can make life exciting, fun and all you want it to be.

Rachel Maunder’s session will offer an insight into how we never know whose life we could change by sharing our ideas and suggestions within our different networks.

Advance Tickets are only £25 (£35 on the door) – take some time for you and come along to this inspirational event for real women. Click here to book!

An inspirational event for real women, supporting each other through life’s challenges.



Confident lady

Listen to inspiring talks on building better foundations for a more balanced lifestyle

Pop up workshops covering an array of subjects from mindfulness and yoga to sexual health within relationships

Treat yourself to a mini-manicure and be inspired by pole fitness demonstrations

We are living in an age where women are being told they can have it all. But finding the perfect balance for a sane life can be a challenge.

There are three elements to building solid foundations in life; home, relationships and career. If all three are working harmoniously, things feel pretty good; two out of three then you’re doing pretty well. But if, like most of us, only one seems to work at a time, this one-day conference seeks to re-address the balance.

We all have the ability to help each other through thick and thin, celebrate the good times and commiserate during the not so good times. Through enduring friendships, our own experiences and learning from others, we build a web of people around us who we can turn to at any given moment. This strong network is to be celebrated as it can give us a platform from which to launch businesses and ensure success through mentoring, as well as keeping our relationships alive and nurtured.

We aim to build confidence by bringing like-minded individuals together and asking sometimes difficult questions in order that we may understand what issues we face and how to put in place tools to deal with anything life throws at us – however trivial we may feel an issue to bigger picture situations.






Our one day conference programme aims to give those that attend a positive sense of wellbeing through learning from others and asking questions to taking part in workshops and watching demonstrations.

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Olympia, London



Saturday, October 1, 2016


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